Children learn best when playing games.  For some time, I used the pencil and paperclip method for the games that I made.  Unfortunately, it didn’t always work the best, especially with young children or those with fine motor delays. My daughter who has Down Syndrome always struggled with the pencil – paper clip method.  The game just became frustrating for her.  So I set out on a mission to make the best DIY spinner hack with everyday materials and let her test them all.  We came up with a winner!

DIY Spinner Hack


  • recycled milk cap or lid
  • pencil
  • paper clip
  • push pin
  • glue

DIY Spinner Hack

  • Gently pull the eraser out of the end of the pencil.
  • Push the push pin through the middle of the lid.
  • Turn the lid upside down and carefully cover the pin with the eraser.
  • Raise the eraser slightly and glue to lid.
  • Let dry.
  • Ready to spin!


  • Place spinner on a flat surface.
  • Push the top of the push pin down with pointer finger.
  • Spin the paper clip with the other hand.
  • Refer to video for example of how to spin.

Pouch lids from baby and toddler food (middle red lid in picture above) work great because the eraser fits tightly into the back of the lid.  As always, supervise your child when playing games.

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