Have you ever wondered what letters you should teach your child first?  Teaching young children the letters in their names is a great way to introduce the alphabet. Young children need frequent practice to learn their ABC’s.  Using children’s name as a starting point for teaching letters will help motivate them.  After children are successful learning the letters in their name, choose other members of their family, friends, or pets.  You can even choose their favorite movie character.  Hint:  Think Frozen characters. Olaf is a great one!
Teaching Young Children the Letters in the Their Names

Name Nana K

Name Game Directions


Refer to the picture above for how the cards look when beginning. The smaller picture shows the cards when the game is over.


  • Lay the letter cards on the floor or table with the green corner facing up.
  • Mix up the cards.
  • Turn over the first card that has the word “Go” and  a picture of the child.
  • Child lays card down on the table under the mixed cards.
  • Child looks for the same letter.
  • Child picks up the next letter and continues until all letters have been turned over.
  • Child names each letter on the card to spell name.
  • Repeat.


I have included a printable with the cards “Go” and  “Stop” to glue to your cards.  Your free download is I See Name Template.

Wondering how the game looks while playing?  Check out my I See Shapes video to see two children playing a version of this game.  This game can also be played using environmental print. Read my environmental print game post to see how I use this game with a dollar store photo album.

Here are some links to other games using the same rules but with different objectives.

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      Nana K says

      Thank you! I am happy you found some insightful ideas and activities. I like games that are easy to make, fun to play, and teach too.


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