Here are some chalk activities that will promote fine motor, gross motor, prewriting, literacy, and math skills too.  I love to take my grandchildren outside to play with chalk.  There are so many different activities to do.  Exploring with chalk and water provides young children with sensory play.  Outside Fun Chalk

Materials Used in This Post:

  • sidewalk chalk
  • paintbrush
  • spray bottle
  • small bucket
  • plastic watering can

Summer Fun ChalkCreative Play

Give the children chalk and let them draw, draw, draw! Whether it is scribbles, pictures, writing, or a combination, writing with big outside chalk helps strengthen fine motor skills.  When they are finished, add in some sensory FUN by filling up a watering can or bucket with water.  Using large muscles helps give sensory input and feedback.  Lifting heaving objects such as a watering can or bucket can be calming to many children.  READY, SET, WASH IT AWAY!


Give your children a different experience and let them write and draw with chalk on wet cement.  The colors are brighter, the texture feels different, and it gives it more of a painted look.  What makes this perfect is it quickly dries in the summer.  Draw, wash away, draw, dry, wash away, repeat.


I brought out the spray bottles and paintbrushes and it was a big hit.  They loved using the spray bottles and paint brushes to paint and squirt away their drawings.   The spray bottles required a lot of two handed coordination and squeezing the spray trigger really worked their fine motor skills.

Chalk and Water

Chalk, water, buckets, paintbrushes, and spray bottles are great tools for learning and playing outside.

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