Playing with outside chalk is a great way to work on sensory and fine motor skills.  Shake things up a bit and have the children write on bricks or other textured outside walls.  This gives them a bumpy texture for great sensory feedback. It also allows them to stand up and write at a different angle.  Younger children may have an easier time making a mark with chalk when standing at this angle.

Chalk Textured Writing

Ideas for Writing

Here are some ideas to get your children writing.  They can write or draw with different color chalk to give it a rainbow effect too.

  • vertical lines
  • horizontal lines
  • diagonal lines
  • shapes
  • letters
  • numbers
  • names
  • sight words
  • math facts
  • odd numbers
  • even numbers
  • pictures

Young children need frequent opportunities to practice fine motor skills and writing.  Thick chalk makes a perfect writing tool and provides motivation to keep them writing.  But most importantly, let them have fun!  Don’t forget to add in some water play to help remove the chalk writing.

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